Kind Speech Campaign at the Otto-Nagel-Gymnasium in Berlin

The Kind Speech Campaign Hasskommentare im internet” has been developed by the Otto-Nagel-Gymnasium school based Berlin.

The project consisted of a 6-week plan with different aesthetical and methodical approaches of sharing our kind messages with the school community and followers of our social media accounts. In discussion with one of our intensified courses in English and one 10. grade class, we developed a plan of organizing one event every week until our summer holidays except the week where all our students had their excursion week. Different groups developed different ideas and formats for that series and completed them in and outside the classroom. It was important for us that the ideas came from the students themselves. The products were distributed through our school Instagram account and the Kind Song Video through our Youtube account. The campaign met with a very positive resonance from parents, students and our colleagues. We hope that our message could trigger some reflection about that topic and cause a few smiles.

Facebook video

Instagram video

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