Intercultural Dialogue in the Infodemic Era

On December 9th and 10th 2021 took place the Lisbon Forum 2021 on the “Intercultural Dialogue in the Infodemic Era” with the participation of many decision makers, issue-experts, activists, organisations and institutions from around the world.

In the past 10 years, the evolution of digital technologies, together with the exponential increase of online content and data personalisation, have changed the dynamics and infuence of the internet. ICTs have become an important factor in the production and reproduction of social inequality.

The internet is in every single aspect of our life, from healthcare to social relations. More connection doen’t mean a solution to the problems of social divisions and inequality (source: Lisbon Forum Report).

The slogan was “Break your bubble” that aims at drawing attention to the concept of “infodemic” and the whole critique of algorithmic-based personalisation of the internet based on ‘eco chambers’ and ‘filter bubbles’. The ‘bubble’ refers here also to the worldviews, cultures and social classes living together without entering in dialogue. The 4 main key messages were:

  • Break your bubble… with dialogue!
  • Break your bubble… for human rights!
  • Break your bubble… for global solidarity!
  • Break your bubble… for a democratic internet!

Why did they choose this term “Bubble”?

The slogan puts the attention on the concept of infodemic and the whole critique of algorithmic-based personalization of the internet based on ‘echo chambers’ and ‘lter bubbles’. The ‘bubble’ refers here also to the ‘comfort zone’ when one is not confronted with the Other; where worldviews, cultures, and social classes live together without entering in dialogue with the Other.

A series of Podcasts are available on the official website to be listened by users.

(Source: Council fo Europe – Lisbon Forum 2021).

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