Let’s expand our virtual network against hate speech!

Next to creating an online learning platform for teachers on which they can find a lot of useful information, worksheets and materials about hate speech to use in class, one main objective of our AMeLiE project is to create a Europe-wide virtual school network against online hate speech. The first phase, the piloting of the platform by 25 selected teachers, is over, and now it’s time to open the platform for everybody and let our virtual network grow!

In times like these it is more important than ever to work together, stick together and grow even closer together as European society. Through the internet we are all connected. We can communicate with people around the globe and exchange messages, pictures, videos, calls within seconds. Thus, people from far away can become and feel really close. But where there’s light, there’s also shadow: hateful words on the internet are used more and more to divide our society, promoting mistrust, extremism, intolerance and hate against other people or even whole population groups.

With our virtual network we want to stand up to this and counter online hate speech together as a strong, supportive unit!

The virtual school network gives teachers and schools from all over Europe (and beyond) the chance to get in touch with other teachers, tell their stories, exchange their experiences with hate speech among their students, give advice, help and support each other to tackle online hate.

The online learning platform that was developed within the project offers the perfect place and setting to let this virtual network grow. Not only can you find useful worksheets for different age groups that can be used in class, but there’s also the possibility to join groups, add friends and exchange thoughts and ideas in the forum. With the platform we pursue a peer learning approach, meaning that people can learn with and from each other.

Furthermore, the platform is based on a crowdsourcing approach – i.e. everyone is invited to upload useful resources and materials to the platform and share it with the community. This can be articles, tools, studies, links, best practices etc. related to the broad topic of hate speech. Like this, with the growing network also the collection of well-selected and curated resources, materials and therefore knowledge will grow.

You are interested in joining our AMeLiE network? Register at https://platform.amelieproject.eu/ and find out how to effectively combat online hate speech!

We are looking forward to welcome you in our alliance against hate speech!


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