How to deal with online harms? UNESCO Global Conference ‘Internet for Trust’

Digital platforms provide various opportunities for people to interact, communicate, engage, and learn. Nevertheless, they may also severely affect European values as equality, respect for human rights and democracy.

If you follow UNESCO on social media and if you checked their accounts on Sunday, 19th of February, you could see a blank post. So, what happened? While the first association may be that it was a mistake, rest assured that it wasn’t. Blank posts were act of protest, to raise awareness about hate speech, misinformation, censorship, conspiracy theories, and online violence. How to deal with all those online harms?

From 21st to 23rd of February 2023, UNESCO is hosting the  “Internet for Trust” global conference to discuss a set of draft global guidelines for regulating digital platforms. The guidelines focus on improving the reliability of information and protect freedom of expression and human rights. To find out more about the guidelines, you can access the document here.

You can also check the ‘It’s time to move towards an #InternetForTrust’ video here.

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