Kind Speech Day campaigns in the Romanian partner schools have come to an end

Kind Speech Day campaigns organized in the AmeLiE partner schools from Romania have come to an end in mid-July. The campaigns were organized in all five partner schools which are involved in the implementation of the AmeLiE project activities at national level, namely:

  • “Mihai Eminescu” National College Petroșani
  • “Samuel von Brukenthal” National College Sibiu
  • “Mircea cel Batran” National College Râmnicu Vâlcea.
  • “Tudor Vladimirescu” National College Târgu-Jiu
  • “Tudor Vianu” National College of Informatics Bucharest.

Activities implemented during the Kind Speech Day campaigns were very well received by the students who participated in these activities. Students were enthusiastic regarding the topics and the activities proposed by the coordinating teachers.

Depending on how the campaigns were conceived, the thematic focus was either linked to all the principles of the Manifesto of non-hostile communication or referred just to one.

During the Kind Speech Day campaign activities, based on the chosen topic/theme, students created a range of materials which are very suggestive for combating the online hate speech: posters, videos, games, messages for social media.

The activities realized by each Romanian partner school during the Kind Speech Day campaigns were very diverse. Each school approached the campaign theme differently, based on the age of the students who were involved in the activities:

Kind Speech Day campaign at “Mihai Eminescu” National College, Petrosani, was planned very well in advance by the staff involved in the AmeLiE project activities. It was the first school which launched the campaign nationwide. The campaign was launched in social media using the following message: “We must not forget that, like keeping democracy, the guarantor of human freedoms and rights, fighting online speech is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Detailed information about the campaign implemented by our colleagues from “Mihai Eminescu” National College, Petrosani, can be found on the AmeLiE project platform:

Kind Speech Day activities at “Samuel von Brukenthal” National College, Sibiu, were held in several parallel classes and students worked together and individually on drawing up and developing some rules of behavior on the internet and in real life. As part of this campaign, the school team created a game in the Actionbound app in which they promoted the Manifesto rules.

More photos from the activities with students, and details about the game, can be found here:

For the Kind Speech Day campaign activities, students from “Mircea cel Batran” National College, Râmnicu Vâlcea, created imaginary stories and comics for the ten principles of the Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication. From the youngest to the oldest, all the students worked, created, invented together, in groups or individually, and shared everything with their teachers and classmates/schoolmates.

More details about the Kind Speech Day campaign activities implemented at “Mircea cel Batran” National College, can be seen here:

Kind Speech Day campaign at “Tudor Vladimirescu” National College, Tg. Jiu was organised during the annual competition called ”Which is Which”. This competition is a tradition in this school. This year’s competition involved all the 5th to 7th graders and the 9th to 11th graders, coordinated by their headteachers, having their relatives and friends to support them in the audience.

This year was a very special one: from the moment that the theme of the Kind Speech Day was presented by the Romanian Amelie project coordinators, teachers from this school thought immediately of turning the regular contest into #KindSpeechMonth Competition. So, for one month, about 700 students (coordinated by about 30 headteachers) from this school had to prepare all their challenges in this competition around the ten ideas found in the Manifesto released by Parole Ostili.

Considering that all of them were confronted at some point in their lives with problems such as bullying or aggression, this idea of the contest was very successful for all of them/us, all the students got involved, in the end it didn’t even matter who the winner was, everybody being happy about the outcome of the events and of their work.

Students also created a short video “Words that can hurt”. The video suggestively describes the feelings of a teenage girl confronted with cyberbullying and verbal aggression by colleagues:

You can read more about this campaign here:

The main purpose of Kind Speech Day campaign organised at “Tudor Vianu” National College of Informatics, Bucharest, drew attention to the phenomenon of online hate speech and the negative impact that hate speech can have on youngsters’ lives:

More details about the Kind Speech Day campaign organised at “Tudor Vianu” National College of Informatics will be posted soon on AmeLiE project platform, in the section Schools communication campaigns.

EOS Romania, as a national partner of the AmeLiE project in Romania, offered to all Romanian partner schools, support in implementation of the Kind Speech Day campaign activities. We are very proud of all the activities carried out by teachers and students within the national Kind Speech Day campaigns organised within their schools!

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