TWITCH, the latest social network joined the European Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct continues to attract new companies. Shortly after announcing the participation of Rakuten Viber to the Code, Twitch became the twelfth partner, joining Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Dailymotion,, TikTok, and LinkedIn. On 20 June 2022, Twitch joined the EU Code of Conduct against illegal hate speech online.

The “EU Code of conduct on countering illegal hate speech online” implementation is evaluated through a regular monitoring exercise set up in collaboration with a network of organisations located in different EU countries. Using a commonly agreed methodology, these organisations test how the IT companies are implementing the commitments in the Code.

As underlined by the results of its sixth evaluation of the Code of Conduct, the average of notifications reviewed within 24 hours remains high (81%), it has decreased compared to 2020 (90.4%). At 62.5% the average removal rate was also lower than in 2019 and 2020. However, broken down by IT company the progress of Instagram (66.2% removals in 2021, 42% in 2020) and Twitter (49.8% versus 35.9%) is noteworthy. TikTok was included in the evaluation for the first time and performed well (80.1% removals).

Some interesting data:

  • Facebook removed 70.2% of the content;
  • YouTube 58.8%;
  • Instagram 66.2%;
  • Twitter 49.8%.

Twitter and Instagram made progress compared to 2020, while Facebook and YouTube had higher removal rates during the previous monitoring exercise in 2020. TikTok had a good first test, with 80.1%. removed all flagged content.



Countering illegal hate speech online 6th evaluation of the Code of Conduct

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