The power of words: they can be touching,  heartwarming, and bring people together. But they can also hurt, offend or push people away.
Hostility often prevails online, conveyed through tweets, posts, statuses and stories. 
It is true that social media are virtual places, but it is also true that the people who meet there are real, and that the consequences are real as well.
For this reason, we should pay particular attention to how we use words, especially when online.

The Parole O_Stili association was founded precisely for redefining the behaviour people have on the Web. It aims at spreading the positive attitude of choosing words carefully and being aware of their importance.
The non-profit association Parole O_Stili was founded in Trieste in August 2016. Parole O_Stili aims to empower and encourage Internet users to choose non-hostile forms of communication.
It promotes the values expressed in the “Manifesto of non-hostile communication”.
It organises training courses and initiatives to raise awareness. Parole O_Stili speaks to those who realise that “virtual is real”, and that hostility expressed on the Internet can have concrete and lasting effects on people’s lives.
Parole O_Stili works with schools, universities, companies, associations and both national and territorial institutions.

What is the Manifesto of non-hostile communication?
It is a charter of 10 principles useful to improve Internet users’ communication and behaviour.
The Manifesto of non-hostile communication is a commitment to shared responsibility. It aims to promote respectful and civilized online behaviours.
It aims to ensure that the Internet is a welcoming and safe space for everyone. To date, the Manifesto has been translated into 31 languages, it has been adapted for 7 different fields, it has been used in schools thanks to 200 educational worksheets.

Project Partners

European Grants International Academy srl (EGInA)

Italy - Coordinator

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Hellenic Open University (HOU)

All Digital Aisb


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Digital Opportunities Foundation (Stiftung Digitale Chancen, SDC)


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Educating for an Open Society Romania (EOS)


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